My Cleaning Services is activating successfully in the area of cleaning building installations, management – garbage collection and cleaning, maintaining and management of tourist accommodation, covering a wide range of needs in hotels, rented rooms and villas.


Some of our highly valued newest clients are the following:

  1. Police Headquarters of Corfu
  2. Central Fire Brigade of Corfu
  3. Fire Brigade of Thinali, Corfu
  4. Fire Brigade of Argyrades, Corfu
  5. General Archives of Corfu
  6. Corfu Customs Authority
  7. Chemical Services of Corfu
  8. National Gallery – A. Soutzos Museum
  9. Court of First Instance of Corfu
  10. Labour Inspectorate of Corfu
  11. Achilleion Museum of Corfu
  12. INTERAMERICAN Insurance Company, Corfu branch
  13. ALICO Insurance Company, Corfu branch
  14. ALLIANZ Insurance Company, Corfu branch
  15. SEPHORA Marinopoulos (2 shops), Corfu
  16. MARKS & SPENCER, Corfu
  17. Arion Hotel
  18. Siorra Vitoria Boutique Hotel
  19. Gouvia Marina S.A., Corfu
  20. X. Tsiringakis S.A., Commercial Enterprises, Corfu
  21. Carpenters Co-op, Corfu
  22. “Ionian General Clinic”, Corfu
  23. Ministry of Citizen Protection
  24. General Clinic of Corfu “A. Mastoras”
  25. Conservatory F. Nakas, Corfu
  26. Ionian University
  27. Regional Development Fund of the Ionian Islands
  28. Alpha Bank, San Rocco Branch, Corfu
  29. Alpha Bank, Paleokastritsa Branch, Corfu
  30. MEON Travel Agency
  31. VILLA PLUS Travel Agency
  32. CV Travel Agency
  33. CORKYRA Travel Agency